Wrong Number

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ศิลปิน : The 25 Stang 

อัลบั้ม : Democrazy 

ประเภท : Dance/Pop

เนื้อเพลง Wrong Number

เพลง Wrong Number

I gave you a call. I don’t know why I miss you
Maybe it because of our past, and I thought that we make it

Don’t feed me a lie, anytime I call you
You said I’m the one and only, while you’re with somebody

*  You picked up, you hung up
   Seek and hide from the truth
   I don’t want to get involved with your love affair
   Relation ship is so strange
   Now you made me insane
   Someone picked it up your phone and telling me that

** “It’s a wrong number you’re dial”
     I hope it’s not a trial
     Who answered my phone call?
     So, what’s your excuses
     Could it be somebody
     Could it be your lover
     Anything that you’re hiding
     Oh, can it be that way
     (Ohh… how could you do this to me)

Can’t deny that I get lost  in your game
You made a fool of me. Do I still need your answer?
When you did wrong, I forgive you a thousand times
With anything you did at all, I’ll never forget about you.

Rap: Paolo
I’m here in my table, drinkin some Black Label. Been tryin call you for 6 days. What’s up with you? What’s wrong with you?
I’m asking you. Hey, it’s true. Hey just got leaving me here without a clue. On the phone, thought nobody’s on voicemail box, so something’s goin on. Sound from bad doom hey you just fakin on. Just doin it for me gal, answer the phone.


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